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What is natural psychology?

Many psychologies currently exist: Freudian psychology, Jungian psychology, self-psychology, gestalt psychology, cognitive-behavioral psychology, existential psychology, positive psychology and many, many more. 

Natural psychology is a new addition to these ranks. It looks at the human experience with a fresh eye, takes as its starting point a naturalistic worldview, and focuses on the nature of meaning. It is both empirical and prescriptive, examining “what meaning actually is” and offering a vision of how a person with meaning needs might want to live. 

Rather than seeing meaning as “objective reality” or as something like a lost object needing to be found, natural psychology identifies meaning as first a subjective psychological experience, second as an idea, and third as a certain sort of evaluation. This three-part analysis is a radical re-imagining of “what meaning actually is.”

Because we are built to make meaning (and, more pertinently, value-based meaning), meaning turns out to be a wellspring and a renewable resource. Once you make the switch from looking at meaning as something you need to find and realize that it is something you can make, you change your life. You can begin making meaning investments, seizing meaning opportunities, and living your life purposes. 

Natural psychology presents many additional ideas, in addition to its revisioning of meaning. For example, personality is conceptualized as comprised of original personality, formed personality and available personality. This simple, powerful model honors the importance and mystery of original personality, the grip of formed personality, and the freedom of available personality.

Likewise society is given its powerful due in natural psychology. Society is influential, whether you live in a small town or a big city, whether it calls itself country, religion, or profession. Natural psychology pays close attention to the entanglements of formed personality and to the entanglements of society as it looks at what causes human distress—and what can be done to reduce that experience of distress. 

Coaching rather than therapy is the natural psychology helping practice of choice. Unlike therapy, which makes unfounded pseudo-scientific claims and creates the classes of “experts” and “patients,” coaching using natural psychological principles is a collaboration between two human beings intended to meet a client’s meaning needs and reduce his or her experience of distress.

There is much more to say about natural psychology! If you’re ready to investigate this new way of looking at life that integrates contemporary intellectual threads, rejects the tactics of modern psychiatry, and presents a picture of human life that you actually recognize, your next step is to read Natural Psychology: The New Psychology of Meaning, available here. 

Welcome to natural psychology.

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I Would Love To Hear From You
I Would Love To Hear From You
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Folks have been asking me what’s the best way to learn what natural psychology is all about. Well, the simplest way is to get your hands on Natural Psychology: The New Psychology of Meaning and read it through. You can purchase it at this site or access it for free. If you prefer to read it on your Kindle it’s available that way too.

The next best way is to become a Natural Psychology Specialist. You’ll find information on how to become a Natural Psychology Specialist at this site. It’s a smart, simple, quick and inexpensive way to engage with the important principles and practices that natural psychology has to offer. I recommend it to you!

You can also take a natural psychology workshop. Workshops are planned for next year at Esalen on the West Coast and Kripalu on the East Coast and more are coming. I’d love to see you at one of those! Natural psychology has a lot to offer and I hope you’ll take one of these opportunities to get to know it.

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